After School Coding and Robotics Classes

Designed to fit in with your family's busy schedule.

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Personalized programs to help children thrive socially and academically

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Equip your child with skills to build
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Build creativity, self-esteem, resilience and confidence

Scheduling after-school classes can be hard. 

As parents, we all want to equip our children for a bright future. But it can often be hard to fit in another class. Skill Samurai monthly memberships make it super easy to book a class when it is convenient for you.

Our Pricing.

We offer different pricing plans based on the number of class hours per week. During the check out process, you will be able to reserve your class time. See the schedule below.

Skill Samurai offers the most flexible schedule.

Fun And Timely After-School Coding Sessions Designed for Busy Families
● Enroll any time● Totally customized learning plan for each student● Book any class, any day, with as little as one hour's notice(Subject to availability, demand, and membership level)Did you know that coding helps kids improve confidence and exam grades? Learning to code also boosts problem-solving skills and resilience.It's the best after-school activity your child can do.


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Coding for Kids is fun!

Personalized Learning Paths.

We are committed to ensuring a fun and inspiring learning environment. Our curriculum is project-based to ensure that students of all abilities can succeed.
If your child has a particular interest or passion, we create a completely tailored learning path.
Did you know that coding classes also help boost students’ proficiency in mathematics, problem-solving, and critical thinking?

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Choose the membership option that best suits your child. One of our Skill Samurai Education Specialist will contact you to learn more about your child and set up their first class.


Begin Your First Class

We'll introduce your child to other students to ensure they feel welcomed and included. Their coach, a.k.a. Sensei, will guide them through setup to ensure they are comfortable and confident.


Grow & Thrive

Watch as your child develops a passion for life-long learning. They'll look forward to their classes each week and will love completing courses and earning badges!

My son Ali participated in his first Junior Coding and Robotics & Coding sessions. He had an awesome time at Skill Samurai, and has had a great experience gaining life long coding knowledge and skills.



Our 9-year-old daughter was amazed to have programmed her first game app she was very proud of. Her 3-year brother was also allowed to sit in and with the assistance of the coaches, was able to follow along and ended up creating his own app game as well.
The fact that the coaches are able to teach as young as my boy (which has a very short attention span) speaks so much of how engaging their courses are and how effective their teaching methods were.



They can’t wait to go back! There was something quite empowering about it for the kids when they realized they can be in charge of what the computer does, rather than just reacting to someone else’s program. If you want your kids to be in charge of what they do online, learning coding is the way to go. Skill Samurai nailed the balance between learning skills and fun.. Thanks, Jamie! We’ll be back.




At Skill Samurai, we believe 

that children should have access to a fun and inspiring curriculum that prepares them for their future!


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  • What is the right age to join the courses?

    Children as young as 8 years old can start learning how to build robots and program.

  • What do parents need to bring for the class ?

     All equipment is provided by our school (including tablets/laptops). Students need to bring their own headphones. If they are in Minecraft or Roblox, they will need to bring their long details.

  • What is the class size and configuration ?

    The class will have maximum of 10 students per teacher. Students will work on thier own, in pairs, or on teams, depending on the course.

  • Can the kids keep the robots they've made?

    No, because we create a new robot each lesson. Every class, kids will learn to build new robots with additional features.

  • Do kids need experience with programming?

    No prior experience or knowledge of robotics/programming is required.

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