Hire a Samurai

Finding trained, and motivated IT talent is becoming increasingly difficult. 
Skill Samurai is a reliable source for loyal, motivated, and highly skilled talent. 

How Can Skill Samurai Add Value to Your Company?

Hiring is broken. Skill Samurai connects you to high-quality professionals early in their career who want to learn on the job by creating value for you. Participants complete a 10-month intensive program prior to being matched with your company where they learn everything they need to start strong from day one.

Why work with Skill Samurai?

Bring us your needs

Let us know what type of skilled staff you are looking to hire. Our apprentices are looking to pick up a wide range of transferrable skills and create value.

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Pre-trained candidates

The curriculum is completely customized selected from Full Stack Developers, front-end developers, cyber security, and Cloud certifications.

Talent Pool

You will be given access to our talent portal to find the best fit for your team. You'll be able to review candidate profiles and set up interviews right away

Weekly Scheduled Support

Skill Samurai have access to ongoing training from mentors, and coaches to help them grow as employees at your company.

A new, Broader Pipeline

Access a diverse pool of candidates you wouldn't otherwise reach with traditional recruitment channels, and tap into a pipeline of bright, skilled talent needed for today's jobs and those of the future.

Flexible Scaleable Partnerships

Skill Samurai is a true collaborative talent acquisition partner, we're ready with a flexible, scalable solution designed to meet your unique, evolving needs and help you plan for growth..

Tap into our talent pool

Partner with us to create a long-term talent-pool, to source candidates that are aligned to your skill requirements, available all year round! We work closely with you to solve your entry-Level tech hiring needs

Step 1.Fill out interest form

Join other industry-leading businesses! Complete our partner interest form and you’ll reap the rewards of an innovative solution. Our program delivers a smarter hiring strategy for your company and a more valuable, meaningful career experience for you.

Step 2. Describe needs

The partnership begins! We kick off an exciting collaboration to determine your company’s specific hiring needs and how Year Up can best help meet them. We align commitments, solidify internship roles, and build a timeline to meet your business goals..

Step 3. Train and match

Students complete both professional and technical skills training. Each intern is carefully assessed across multiple dimensions and matched to the company where they’ll have the best opportunity to contribute successfully.

Step 4. Internship starts

Get valuable “try-before-you hire” experience working with potential hires. Our collaborative process includes built-in feedback points and wrap-around support from Year Up staff that enables managers to shape each intern’s professional development and ensure their work meets the company’s standards for success.

Step 5. Hire intern

As the internship ends, you can assess if your Skill Samurai intern is a good fit for a full-time opportunity and hire them with no placement fee. This saves your company recruitment time and onboarding resources and helps support professional advancement for Opportunity Talent..

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