What smart parents are doing this summer to help their kids be ready for tomorrow (coding camps)

What smart parents are doing this summer to help their kids be ready for tomorrow (coding camps)

What smart parents are doing this summer to help their kids be ready for tomorrow (coding camps)

As a parent, you want to help your children succeed and challenge themselves in everyday life. Small daily activities are a fantastic way to help your kids excel in life. Camps are another terrific way to keep your kids occupied during the summer months. Coding camps are growing in popularity among parents because they keep children entertained and prepare them for the growing technological world. Skill Samurai fosters a healthy, engaging, and exciting coding camp learning environment for your kids. Learn more about why these camps are rapidly becoming popular with parents from all walks of life by visiting our website. 

What is Coding Camp

Coding camps for children offer instructions on how to operate basic coding systems. These camps are interactive between students and educators, not online, which enables your children to learn in a more accessible and friendly environment. Coding is a wonderful way to engage your child's mind this summer and help them pursue a potential interest that could someday lead them into a career field.

Features of Coding Camp

At Skill Samurai, we want to offer parents and children an experience they won't forget. There are many features of our coding camp experience; we believe these make the time spent at this summer camp both memorable and rewarding. Coding camp can cover a wide range of topics, from introductions to coding to designing video games and working with videography features.

Fun Weekly Themes

We try to keep things fresh and exciting by rotating through weekly themes. Every week your child will get hands-on experience with a new topic. Our website's themes include YouTube Creator Camp, Artificial Intelligence Camp, and Scratch Video Game Design Camp. Whatever your children's interests may be, there is bound to be a theme that piques their interest.


At Skill Samurai, safety is a top priority. We want to make sure your children feel safe at all our camps. Protected also means healthy, which is why we take Covid-19 protocols seriously. We sanitize and disinfect our camp areas regularly to keep your loved ones healthy. We are also very diligent about mask protocols and Covid-19 testing precautions. If you have any questions about how we are handling the Covid-19 risk at our camps, reach out to us for more information.

Award-Winning Programs

Skill Samurai is also known for its award-winning programs. We want to stimulate your child's mind, not just entertain them. Therefore, our programs are designed to teach your children. Our options for all ages have been critically acclaimed for their entertainment and mental stimulation.

Friendly and Responsible Staff

Our staff members are very knowledgeable about coding, and they know how to teach at kids’ levels. They work with your children to present materials in a way that all children can understand. Since we maintain lower student-to-teacher ratios, no child will ever feel left out or have their questions unanswered. We want to make sure that we foster the friendliest and most inviting environment for children to thrive and learn.

Free Extended Care

We understand that sometimes life happens. Maybe you had to stay late at work or got stuck in traffic. No parent wants to worry about their child waiting because they are running late, and at Skill Samurai, you don't have to. We offer free extended care for all our camps so you never have to stress or rush to pick your kid up after camp.

Coding Camp is Flexible

Our coding camp schedules are also flexible, with multiple options for interested parents. We provide you with schedules that work with your life, so you don't have to cram another thing onto the calendar.

Limited Capacity of Coding Camp

Though we would love to accept as many children as possible for our coding camps, we have limited our current capacity due to Covid-19. By operating at reduced capacity, we ensure we can maintain the health and safety of both our staff and children. If you are interested in enrolling your child in a coding camp, make sure to do so as soon as possible. Call us for more information and future scheduling.

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If you are ready to help your children succeed and have fun this summer, then Skill Samurai has got your back. With numerous camp options, including coding camp, we have something to offer all children and parents. Visit our website for more information about tickets, enrollment, and the services we offer. Call us today at (603) 751-3011 to speak with one of our friendly staff members for more information.